Bunni-Hop into a Sustainable Beauty Plan & Lifestyle

Bunni-Hop into a Sustainable Beauty Plan & Lifestyle

Welcome to BUNNI-HOP a new feature from Hunni-Bunni to help guide you gently into a more sustainable beauty plan and lifestyle.  Over the next few months, we will be highlighting ways you can change your habits or routines by incorporating different ways of thinking and adjusting your actions.  Making a positive change to help our environment, combat ocean pollution, reduce waste, say no to animal testing and adopt better, healthier habits is our goal for BUNNI-HOP.

This month we are going to discuss packaging.  How do you become more mindful of what you purchase and it's impact on the environment?

Let's BUNNI-HOP into the beauty industry.

This part of the beauty business calls for more attention as the packaging material used for beauty products significantly adds to the environmental wastage. Plastic, which is still a major part of the packaging, continues to deteriorate the environment as we mindlessly stay hooked to plastic bottles and containers. Think of all those shampoo and conditioner bottles we throw out on a regular basis.

It is important to understand that every bit of packaging adds up; even biodegradable material loads landfills and requires some amount of time and work to reverse the waste. This is how you can minimize wastage:

• Cardboard packaging, paper bottles, glass bottles, and one of the most innovative of all—plantable packaging are some all-green options to choose wherever available.

• Using refillable jars and bottles is another good way to utilize the packaging material to the fullest before it is put in Mother Earth’s lap.

• For products that form the core of your beauty routine, invest in larger-sized bottles. This way you’ll get more quantity while using less packaging material. In addition, it will also save you some bucks.

• Some brands are offering an option where you can return empty bottles to their store. This will promote full-usage of the material and proper disposal when required. In some cases, this might also earn you extra points on your membership card.

• Start asking your favourite brands to switch to more sustainable, eco-friendly packaging.  If they don't hear from the consumer, why would they change?