Celebrating Canada & Remembering Our History

Celebrating Canada & Remembering Our History

This posting is bittersweet.  On one hand we are incredibly proud of Canada.  From the products we carry, the women owned businesses we support and our focus on providing sustainable eco-friendly packaged curated items.  Sadly, we have also been made aware of a horrific and a heartbreaking history of how our indigenous people have been treated.

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Canada is a large country with a diverse land that provides an amazing bounty of natural beauty and an abundance of ingredients used in our products, from seaweed, honey to oats and clay.  The items we carry in our store are a reflection of our values and goals.  At Hunni-Bunni we actively research our suppliers, to find Canadian made products, owned by women who are also creating opportunities for others to succeed.  While this is important, we also want to keep Canada beautiful as well as the rest of the planet.  Our goal to reduce our plastic footprint is something that makes our search for products even harder.  It frustrates us to find so many wellness companies that are so concerned that their product inside their package is organic, vegan, and natural, but packaged in virgin plastic, or non-recyclable materials.  It’s ever so ironic.  Being sustainable is a goal that we think is achievable, and we encourage you to think about what you put inside and on your body, but also what it is packaged in.

Indigenious Shawl Dancer on the banks of a river in Saskatchewan

We can not celebrate Canada without acknowledging our history.  While our country is still considered young, our indigenous people have inhabited these lands for thousands of years.  They were brought up understanding what our land provided and to respect it.  As Europeans have ventured from their lands, they have invaded, taken over and implemented their way of life in many parts of the globe, not just Canada.  The indigenous people have suffered at the hands of the European conquerors, who took lands from them, forced them away from their ancestral lands, changed how they lived, how they could or could not prosper, forced their belief systems and discouraged their language and tribal structure.  One of these “changes” forced on our indigenous population were residential schools.  These schools were set up by both the government of Canada and various religious organizations such as the Catholic church.  Their goal was to eradicate the indigenous way of life from young indigenous individuals who were ripped from their families and communities.  These children were removed and place in these residential schools, often located hundreds of miles from their tribal home.  They were subjected to torture, exposed to poor conditions, forced to relinquish their language and adopt a religious belief system that they did not have the opportunity to refute.  As more and more mass graves are being discovered, we can only hope that awareness and action are initiated because of these horrific atrocities.

As Canada has grown with people from other lands inhabiting this vast country, we also have to acknowledge that we have been provided a poor education on our own history regarding indigenous people, their way of life, what was done to them and what still needs to be done.  We hope this is corrected and people continue to learn the truth moving forward.

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As Hunni-Bunni grows, we hope to incorporate more natural, sustainable, eco-friendly items, source more women owned companies and support our indigenous community.   As we move forward to be better, we know Canada will too.