Cruelty-Free - Why its Important!

Cruelty-Free - Why its Important!


When Hunni-Bunni started, we used two words to create our name. Hunni for honey, as it is considered to be one of the most perfect foods, never spoils and can be stored forever. Just ask those mummies in Egypt! While the other part of our name Bunni is for the bunny that symbolizes 'cruelty-free".

Cruelty-free products came about after the cosmetics/personal care, cleaning products, pesticides, food additives and the pharmaceutical industries were exposed for testing on animals.

The cosmetics industry has used bunnies, guinea pigs, mice and rats for testing their products on.  Often these animals died from experiments performed on them.

Cosmetic Testing on Bunny

As the cosmetic industry continues to adapt and change, new products with new ingredients come to market. This means a large number of new products are tested on animals to determine if they are safe to be used by humans. It is sad, unethical and in some cases totally unnecessary. But this practice persists.

Since the '90s the animal rights movement has brought to light these practices and has brought about change. One of these changes has been the labeling or term "cruelty-free". Cosmetics companies that practice "cruelty-free" means their products have not been tested on animals.

Cruelty-free cosmetics differ from vegan cosmetics. As vegan refers anything that is not produced by an animal nor comes from an animal.

So the next time you are looking at the cosmetics counter, think about how many items have been tested on animals and look for labels where it indicates that they have not and also belong to one of these organizations.

Cruelty-Free Organizations

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